Cookieless Tracking and The Future of iOS Retargeting

iOS 11 basically eliminates the cookie. Yeah…let that sink in. This means that most tracking systems and retargeting technologies will be rendered obsolete. Technology moves fast. It moves so fast, that as of right now, you can expect most of the advertising industry and ad networks to start shitting bricks of despair. If you’re not…

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How It Works: Our Programmatic Media Buying Process

Programmatic Media Buying Process

It’s a fact that it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to scale an ad campaign to profit…if there is a profit. Not everything that you promote will be profitable. Because of this, a promotion has to be tested for performance before it can be profitable. Under the convention, doing so can be expensive…

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New High-CTR Ad Format Coming

First, What Happened to Native Ads We have spent a lot of time working on native ads for the native ad industry to throw us a huge curveball. Several months ago, many of the larger native ad networks (ie Taboola, Outbrain, etc) made a NAZI-style change in their terms which basically killed the ”BuzzFeed-style website”…

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How To Use Social Media In Your Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing can be difficult to understand for most people and daunting to implement, that is, if you aren’t getting the right information and advice. Take a few minutes to go through the facts and suggestions outlined below – the information there could be just what you need to put this advertising medium to work…

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How To Get Free Traffic From StumbleUpon

What Is StumbleUpon? StumbleUpon is one of the best free traffic sources online that is underutilized by a lot of marketers. If you’ve been looking for a great way to promote your business online for free, this is it. To begin, you need to understand what StumbleUpon is. StumbleUpon is a discovery engine which is…

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