Why We Don’t Promote Vegan Businesses

At the end of the day, veganism is a form of social extremism that is currently trending and will continue to do so until people cannot afford organic vegan food or the supply decreases. I’m a digital marketing analyst that controls a programmatic ad server. I get a bird’s eye view of commercial trends and cycles from both the consumer and vendor side of the house. This vegan thing is a commercially sustained trend. Because taking a census of the overall vegans in any particular region of the world would be inaccurate, we have to measure the size of the commercial market by looking at the revenue of companies and products that vegans buy. The commercial market for vegan products is actually shrinking as the economy gets worse and so is the supply. Veganism is currently being promoted in proportion to the demand for sustained profits for as long as possible. As the marketing dollars dry up, so will the vegan movement. They have made veganism “cool”. Most people cannot eat steak for dinner 3 nights a week. So, to make up for lost sales of meat, the food industry sparked the vegan movement. The revenue gains of the vegan industry are proportionate to the lost revenues from meat and meat product sales. Head over to Forrester research to take a look the many reports and stats to support any claim that I have made here. The vegetarian food industry is no larger than $3Billion and most of that (95%+) is made by large corporations. They made it “cool” so that they can sell “vegan” t-shirts and novelty items. When was the last time you saw an “I’m a meat eater” t-shirt? When was the last time you heard of a meat eater movement? You don’t see those things because veganism is not normal for most people. Not normal = abnormal. Abnormal = niche market. Niche market = limited growth subject to rapid decline at any time = a trend. Do not expect to build a sustainable business that is based on a trending market. I do not recommend establishing a primarily vegan or vegetarian business because the market is too volatile at any given time. In the current economy, I would not even focus on it. There’s not enough money in that game.

To prove the points made in this post, keep an eye on the following companies and watch as they decline and fall:

  • Veganmainstream.com
  • Scout22.com
  • Veganpublishers.com


Here are a few vegan companies that have already bitten the economic bullet:

  • Repvegan.com
  • Ecoloco.co

…and there were more. You can’t find them because they are now out of business.


– iHustler