Apple rolled out Apple Search Ads on October 5, 2016. Apple Search Ads displays native ads to all iOS users with an iPhone or iPad when they search for apps. The promoted apps are displayed as the first search results for any query and are delineated with a light blue background. Only one Apple Search Ad is displayed per query and there is no ad copy or other creatives to add to the campaign. Advertisers are charged on “Cost Per Tap” basis. Targeting options include type (has downloaded or not loaded a particular app), demographic and location. There’s also negative keyword capabilities and popularity indicators.

Apple Search Ads

Most iOS users find new apps via the app store search and “Apple Search Ads” takes full advantage of this. Now, here is what makes Apple Search Ads so awesome: Only iOS app developers and publishers can access Apple Search Ads. Only apps that are published via an iOS developer account can be promoted. Apple Search Ads show up as an actual app store search result so, no ad creatives are required and there is no need for any ad copy. Awesome, right?

Apple Search Ads Stats

So, what does all of this mean for you and your business? It means that if you have an iOS app, you now have an exclusive channel to promote your app without any worries about click-fraud or thick competition…but only if you have an iOS app, an Apple developer account and of course an Apple computer. Apple Search Ads presents a major advantage for businesses and entrepreneurs that are smart and know how to take advantage of a good thing. There are over 1 BILLION ACTIVE iOS USERS worldwide with iPhones and iPads. iOS devices account for more than 40% of the US smartphone market and about 15% of the global smartphone market. 15 percent may not seem like a lot until you also consider the fact that the average iOS device generates $52 in revenue versus only $5.70 with Android devices. iOS apps generate 4 times the revenue per app versus Android. iOS generated 40 times more revenue for Apple than Android did for Google. With numbers like that you can easily see where the money is. Having an iOS app is not a requirement but it should be a priority if you want every possible advantage for your business. We certainly don’t ignore a good thing when we see it, so we published our own iOS app: SEE IT HERE

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