Email is great, funnels are awesome and social media can work wonders for branding. SMS marketing is fantastic and Facebook Messenger is good but generating leads via “Browser Push Notification” technology is something that many entrepreneurs and companies fail to take advantage of.

Conventionally, you may have seen browser push subscription popups when you visit some of the most popular websites like Facebook, but that requires people to actually go to your website first. What if you could get people to subscribe to your browser push notifications before they visit your website? Well, you can and I’m going to show you how to do it right now.

I’m going to inform you about an effective Push Monetization method that you use to use to generate leads here at To begin, you first need to see it in action and experience it for yourself. Keep in mind that what I have to show you is not a funnel. This is very different. Because Browser Push Notification technology is entirely different from any other lead generation technology and the methodology involved, I call this a “Push Monetization Portal”. I use the word portal because it is suitable to describe the concept.

Using Chrome or Firefox, Take a look at this: [CLICK OR TAP HERE]

Did you see that? Did you see what happened? That is called a “Push Monetization Link“. After you clicked on the link, you needed to only click on “allow” to proceed. It is at that point the lead is generated or captured. You were then directed to a page with a free eBook. That page is called an “Engagement Page”. It is not a confirmation page because it not used to confirm the lead. It is used to compel the lead, which is already generated or captured, to take action. In this case, the action is downloading the free eBook. If a person clicks on the Push Monetization Link and their browser or device is not compatible, the person automatically directed to a 2-step single email opt-in landing page. After the lead with the incompatible browser completes the email optin process, they are then directed to the engagement page.

This is what the model looks like:

Push Monetization Portal
Push Monetization Portal

Now, let’s put this into practice.

First, you need Push Monetization technology. For this, I recommend It’s free and it will allow you passively monetize your leads. With the platform, you have full unlimited use of every feature including the one that I just showed you. The “Push Monetization Link” is the subscription link you create on the platform. As you generate Browser Push Notification leads or subscribers, the platform will automatically send relevant notifications to your subscribers at a frequency that you control or limit. When people click on the browser notifications they receive, you will get paid for every click on a CPC (cost per click) basis. This means that you can passively generate revenue without doing anything. That’s awesome. I recommend no other platform for this method.

[Create Your Account]

Next, you need to add your website to the platform and create a 2-step single email opt-in landing page and engagement page using our free marketing page builder which you can access inside of your account. Create a subscription link (“Push Monetization Link”) on the platform and set your engagement page as the “Allow Link”. Set your 2-step single opt-in landing page as the “Deny Link” and as the “Unsupported Link”. Use images the best represent your brand or you can use your company’s logo.

When setting up your campaign here at (video training inside of our mobile app), a CPA tracking pixel is generated. This is used to inform our platform of when a conversion (push notification lead) has been generated. Our platform will use that information in the campaign optimization process. Set your CPA tracking pixel on your Engagement Page and submit your campaign to go live.

As you generate browser push notification leads, you will be able to send out browser push notifications to your leads at any time with 100% deliverability and you can expect high engagement or response rates.

For help or assistance with setting up a Push Monetization Portal for a lead generation campaign here at, contact us.

Diez Mansour-Dehghan | CEO,

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