😎 Get To Know Us

What Is This?

SiriusTraffic.com is a programmatic marketing platform that leverages proprietary artificial intelligence to serve, manage, and scale ad campaigns. With this platform, you can instantly promote businesses, products, and services to any market in the world. Our platform is accessed via a web browser and mobile app (iOS and Android). Advertisers can set up programmatic display ad campaigns using banners and text ads.

Who Is This For?

SiriusTraffic.com is designed for modern entrepreneurs and companies that need to generate leads and sales at the national or international level without using Facebook, Google, SEO, or conventional marketing platforms, strategies, and methods. This is an exclusive platform for people that want to grow their business in an environment that is void of the restrictive policies, suppressive algorithms, malicious interest groups, and ultracrepidarian guidelines that stifle true creativity and business growth in the new world.

How Much Does It Cost To Run An Ad Campaign?

Our platform intelligently serves and manages ads across an inventory of websites and mobile apps provided by our private network websites and mobile apps. Advertisers pay for clicks via the “Pay Per click” (PPC) model, not impressions (CPM). The minimum PPC bid is $0.10 for tier 1 countries and $0.05 for tier 2 and 3 countries. The minimum daily budget is $10. The minimum campaign budget is $30.

What is the “Hybrid PPC+CPA” model?

While the PPC model is effective, allowing advertisers to pay only for visits from real people, generating specific user actions is required for an ad campaign to be successful. For this, we have our exclusive PPC+CPA Hybrid model. This allows advertisers to set a CPA or “Cost Per Action” which is an amount that is paid per valid action that is generated. Any click or visit that results in the desired action is rebated resulting in the advertiser only paying for the action or CPA in that instance. Our A.I. effectively optimizes your ad spend in real-time.

Scaling is facilitated via the use of a unique CPA Tracking Pixel or Server-to-Server (S2S) Post Back, that is generated by our platform specifically for each ad campaign. The CPA Tracking Pixel or Server-to-Server (S2S) Post Back is set at the initial point of interest in the advertiser’s funnel. Our platform uses the conditional and environmental data collected from every action (probabilistic sampling) and uses that information to intelligently optimize ad campaigns, autonomously split-testing ad creatives and landing pages or funnels to find the best yields. Equally as important, our artificial intelligence will redact any components of an ad campaign that are ineffective.

What Is "The Phoenix Formula"?

“The Phoenix Formula” is an effective digital marketing strategy that is recommended for use with any ad campaign on this platform. You can view “The Phoenix Formula” training video for free inside of the SiriusTraffic.com mobile app.

How Do I Get Started?

To get started, you must download our mobile app. Accounts can only be created via our mobile app. After your account is created, you are able to login from any browser and via our mobile app. The current price of our mobile app is a one-time payment of $9.99.

Is Support Provided?

The platform is primarily autonomous and is supported by human staff together with artificial intelligence. Our mobile app contains exclusive tools, training, full account access, in-app human support, our exclusive performance calculator, and more. There is also an onboard help desk accessible only from within your account dashboard. You must download our mobile app to create an account. After you have created your account, you can access this platform via our mobile app and any web browser. We provide full support and assistance for all advertisers that have active ad campaigns on our platform.

Which Payments Methods Are Accepted?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit and debit cards.

Deposits of $500+ require bank wire/ACH.

We accept Monero in any amount.

We do not accept or use PayPal and other payment methods.

What Types of Promotions Are NOT Allowed?

We don’t allow ads that promote:

  • ANYTHING that targets children (ZERO EXCEPTIONS)
  • Lies
  • Anything That Is Illegal Under US Laws
  • LGBT+
  • Religion
  • Veganism/Vegetarianism
  • Iconoclasm or Activism
  • Politics
  • Fundraising
  • Racism
  • Malice or Vitriol
  • Deceptive Offers
  • Offers With No True Value
  • Anything That Is Immoral or In Violation of The 3 Codes

Which Performance or Payment Models Do You Work With?

We utilize the PPC (pay per click) or our hybrid PPC+CPA model. We do not work with any net payment terms. All campaigns must be funded before being approved and this is a self-service platform that is augmented by artificial intelligence and the assistance of actual intelligence (real people).

Can An Account Be Created For Free?

No. You must download our mobile app to create an account. The current price for our mobile app is a one-time payment of $9.99 (no exceptions or discounts).