It’s a fact that it can cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to scale an ad campaign to profit…if there is a profit. Not everything that you promote will be profitable. Because of this, a promotion has to be tested for performance before it can be profitable. Under the convention, doing so can be expensive and risky without a dedicated team of marketing experts. With the platform, you can test ad campaigns for performance without a large testing budget.

To begin, you will need to set up a test campaign to see what the performance is like. You can set up an ad campaign for as little as $30. When there are desirable results, we can help you to scale using our exclusive hybrid PPC+CPA model. If the performance is not desirable, then there is no risk of either side losing significant money or time and we have a 30-day money back policy for any unused funds. This approach allows for the highest level of risk control, accountability, and fraud protection. Every click, visit, or conversion that we deliver is monitored in real-time and accounted for. Our level of fraud protection is unmatched in results and unparalleled in capability. All of this translates to higher yields at lower costs and ultimately more of what you desire…PROFIT. Create an account to get started.

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