Most businesses do not have the time or money that it takes in order for them to do what they need to do when they need to do it. Well, I have some news for you…the new economy does not care if you or your business cannot keep up.

Winning or success is not about trying to spend $10 where and when $1,000 is required. If you can’t afford to win, you can only afford to lose. Often, small business owners and entrepreneurs do not know the iterations required for them to meet their goals and fail to realize the fact they don’t get to choose what the iterations are. That’s like trying to drive a car 300 miles on 1 gallon of gas. Nobody will ever go the distance with less than what is required.

Winners win with winners. Losers lose with losers. In order to be a winner, you must do what is required. Doing anything other than what your goal requires is an exercise in futility. The most successful ad campaigns are not the ones with tiny budgets. If it is true that “you get what you pay for”, then that explains why free traffic never performs better than paid traffic. If you pay for nothing of value, it’s not reasonable to expect something of value.

The minimum amount required for an ad campaign to go live here at is $30. If a person is not willing to spend $30 on an ad campaign, that is a clear indication of what I call “Loser Syndrome”.

The most successful advertisers on our platform typically start an ad within 24 hours of creating their account. Unsuccessful advertisers will immediately procrastinate and eventually sabotage their own progress by not taking action or using any of the resources provided.

In order to filter people with Loser Syndrome, standards are required. I built specific standards and set policies into the business model that makes it extremely easy to identify, avoid, or eliminate tire kickers. Tire kickers waste your time and theirs. They will attempt to monopolize the time of your support operations and that is ultimately a cost that your business will have to pay. So, I’ll explain some of the measures that are in place to filter out or deflect tire-kickers here at

No External Newsletter

We only send out email messages to people that register an account with us. Why? Because an external email list is definitely going to be filled with tire-kickers…people that are “just taking a look around”. Nobody needs a list full of people that are “just taking a look around” because those people are not serious. A person’s interest is empty without true intent and action.

iOS and Android Mobile App

“I don’t see why my business needs a mobile app. We’re doing fine without one.”

That’s a common objection from business owners that are approached by mobile app developers. That objection is also a common mistake that business owners realize when they see how their competition is benefiting from having a mobile app. Such a mistake can cause your business to lose market share and potential revenue. I’m sure that you’ve seen how mobile apps are helping businesses. What you haven’t seen is a business being hurt by having a mobile app. Mobile apps are proven to help businesses, not hurt them. Yeah…your business might be doing good without a mobile app but does that mean your business won’t do better with one? When a person downloads your company’s mobile app, they are expressing interest along with intent. Email is great but a mobile app is better. With an iOS and Android mobile app for your business, you are able to generate highly targeted leads that have high intent. If you don’t have a mobile app for your business, get one. Your business is at a disadvantage in the new economy without a mobile app.

Don’t Rely On Social Media

Social media marketing is completely overrated and saturated on top of being restrictive. A lot of people believe that social media is required in order to grow your business. That is a myth. Consider the facts about the mental state of people in a social media environment. What state of mind do you want people to be in when they are exposed to your business? If your company has a mobile app, you don’t need social media. Social media is good for directly communicating with your audience but you don’t need it to grow your business. If your business provides a good service or product that has true value, having social media profiles is supplemental. People engaged in social media are not there to buy your shit. They are there to share selfies, communicate with friends and family, talk shit, lie, and antagonize. That is the mental state that your any social media audience is in. You cannot deposit likes, comments, and followers into your bank account. Yes, you can use social media to generate leads but I assure that most of them will be tire kicking time-wasters.

Incentivize With Information Instead of A “Freebie”

Freebies are a great way to incentivize but nobody wants a list of freebie seekers. This is why incentivize using information. Information is like a powerful drug. If you prevent somebody from getting the information they need or require, that person will be acting like a junkie that needs a fix. People that seek information are looking to solve a problem and solving any problem in the world we live in requires spending money. People that are willing to spend money are looking to solve a problem first. This means that they have an intent to spend money. People that want a freebie are not looking to spend money. People that don’t spend money are useless for any business.


These are some effective ways that I filter out people that are not serious but the all-time best way to deal with tire kickers is to simply not deal with them. Become an expert at saying no because that is also a part of managing and growing a business. Don’t do things that will attract time wasting tire kickers and you will not have a problem with them. Always ask for the money. Set money or the fact that money has to spent at the forefront and you will instantly be able to identify and filter people with “Loser Syndrome”.

Diez Mansour-Dehghan | CEO,

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