For most people, getting into a good CPA network is difficult. There are some good CPA networks that accept newbies or beginners but the review application and review process can be a headache. There are also some good CPA networks that have instant approval. With these networks, you simply register an account and then get started. Even with CPA networks that have instant approval, you’ll still have to get accepted, approved, or reviewed in order to get access to specific CPA offers.

Most CPA networks have a stringent review process because they want to limit or control their liability. This is because most CPA networks do not sell traffic. CPA networks provide access to CPA offers and a tracking system so that publishers can get credit for the conversions that they deliver and not the traffic that they send to their promotion links. Buying and selling conversions are not the same as buying and selling actual traffic. CPA marketing is about monetizing traffic, not buying and selling it because nobody is being paid on a per click or visit basis. So, when you hear people say that they want to buy traffic and they are only paying a CPA and not a CPC, that person is either lying or they do not know what they are talking about.

Because most CPA networks do not generate their own traffic or content, they have to rely on publishers. Go ahead…take a look at the social media profiles of some CPA networks. Take a look their blogs. Take a look at their email newsletters. You will find that most CPA networks are not proficient at generating their own content and traffic. The foundation of the entire CPA marketing industry are the publishers that actually generate or buy traffic for the CPA offers provided by the CPA networks. So, why treat prospective new publishers as if they are radioactive? The reason is that of bad actors which people that try to trick or game the system in order to generate invalid leads with the hope of making money from it. The stringent review process is how a CPA network protects itself from bad actors. Again, all of this is because the CPA networks do not generate their own content or traffic. This translates to a headache, red tape, and stress that you get when trying to apply for access to a CPA network.

This is the key to getting accepted to CPA networks. If you can show that you are generating traffic and will comply with their policies, you will be accepted. However, there are some things that are recommended for you to have established before applying for most CPA networks and their “exclusive” offers:

  • Cloud Hosting Account
  • Domain Name(s)
  • Your Own Private Email Address (not Gmail, Yahoo, etc.)
  • WordPress Niche Blog(s)
  • Established Social Media Profiles
  • Skype Account
  • Recommendation or Referral

Without these things, getting into most CPA networks will be difficult. However, if you’d like to get into a CPA network as soon as possible and without having to deal with a headache, stringent review process, and red tape, we have a solution for you. The Harakhti CPA Network is a private performance marketing network that provides monetization solutions exclusively for advertisers and publishers. The CPA offers available at the Harakhti CPA Network can only be promoted at Because of this, there is no need for a stringent review process because our programmatic ad technology provides a level of risk control that is unmatched. This means that the Harakhti CPA network does not have to worry about bad actors due to the fact that the only allowed traffic source is the platform. This allows for a degree of confidence and peace of mind for vendors and businesses that rely on CPA marketing campaigns for lead generation and profits. No other CPA network has a business model like the Harakhti CPA Network which is why you will find truly exclusive CPA offers that you will not see anywhere else. Payouts are much higher. There is no shaving. Earnings payouts are sent out monthly. You will have immediate access to all of the available CPA offers. [Go Here] to get access to the Harakhti CPA Network.

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