What Is StumbleUpon?

StumbleUpon is one of the best free traffic sources online that is underutilized by a lot of marketers. If you’ve been looking for a great way to promote your business online for free, this is it. To begin, you need to understand what StumbleUpon is. StumbleUpon is a discovery engine which is kind of like a search engine that automatically finds and recommends content based on your personal interests and tastes.


Next, you need to know that usage and market statistics for StumbleUpon. You need to know if there is gold there, right?

See the current statistics here: 2017 StumbleUpon Usage and Market Share Statistics

You can compare those stats with these: SimilarWeb Stats For StumbleUpon


How Does StumbleUpon Work?

Now that you know that StumbleUpon generates a lot of traffic, let’s move forward with showing you how to use StumbleUpon. Using StumbleUpon is very easy and it works like this:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Add your blog pages or promotion pages
  3. Click on the Stumble button to discover pages
  4. Click on the like button to like the Stumbled pages that you like
  5. Follow people that share interesting and related content


Boom…..that’s it. Very simple, right? Yes, StumbleUpon is incredibly simple to use but how does this generate free traffic for you? Here’s the secret: when pages are liked, they are automatically moved up in StumbleUpon’s lineup. That’s right, StumbleUpon will automatically promote the pages that you add FOR YOU. Isn’t that awesome? So, when other StumbleUpon users are Stumbling in search for new and interesting content, StumbleUpon will show your pages to people that have interest in what your pages are about. Damn! We know….but hold on. That’s not all.


How To Get Free Traffic From StumbleUpon

You see, you also have to use StumbleUpon….a lot. Otherwise, StumbleUpon is not going to automatically promote your content. You must be an active user. Yes, there’s also the StumbleUpon app but do YOU, as a business owner or marketer, actually want to be on StumbleUpon all day? Of course, you don’t. So, you can see why a lot of marketers and business owners do not use StumbleUpon but there is a solution. What if you could AUTOMATE everything? What if all you needed to do was add your pages, click a button, and the rest was automated? That would totally kick ass, right? Yes, it does and right now, you are about to learn how you can get free, automated traffic from StumbleUpon.


StumbleUpon Software For Windows 10

The best and only available StumbleUpon software that actually works is called, “Stumble Impact” and this is what it looks like:

Stumble Impact StumbleUpon Software

What Does Stumble Impact Do?

This is the only StumbleUpon software that actually does what you need it do and it is smart. It will literally log in to your StumbleUpon account to Stumble and like pages all day for you. WTF? Yes, it does this. Because it works so well, all you have to do is add the pages that you want StumbleUpon to promote for you. Then, you will start to get emails from StumbleUpon that look like this:

StumbleUpon Traffic

So, as you can see, getting free traffic from StumbleUpon is simple and effective with the “Stumble Impact” software for StumbleUpon. Stumble Impact currently costs a one-time payment of only $497 but hurry….only 150 licenses are sold each week and you don’t want to keep missing out.