I am the email antichrist. I think that email marketing is one of the slowest, cumbersome, and archaic ways to build your brand or grow your business. I think that email is something that should only be used for authentication and transactional purposes. When it comes to communication and engagement, nothing beats a mobile app. Combine that with FB messenger and an AI chatbot then you’ll have something that makes email marketing look as obsolete as it truly is. I killed our email newsletter in the latter half of 2017 after seeing the results of the mobile app/FB messenger/AI chat bot power pack super combo funnel that I designed. I’ve seen nothing perform better than this and I challenge anyone to prove otherwise.

SiriusTraffic.com does not have an email newsletter. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “WTF is up with that”? So, let me tell you WTF is up with that. Email is a 1990’s technology. It is old. Email today is like listening to music on a cassette tape instead of using Apple Music. “But email is important for all businesses” some of you might say. No, it’s not. That’s a myth and I’m sounding the bullshit alarm. Email is important for all businesses….that don’t have a mobile app and use Facebook Messenger. “But the money is in the list”….no, it’s fkn not….not like how it is with a mobile app and Facebook Messenger. Companies that have a successful mobile app do not rely on email marketing. Do what the winners do, right? “So, what about the people that prefer email”? Exactly….what about them? What about the people that want to listen to music on cassette tapes? See how that works? Want to know what doesn’t work? Trying to grow your business with email marketing faster than you can with a mobile app and Facebook Messenger is what doesn’t work. What will work for your business is having an iOS and Android mobile app combined with the power of Facebook Messenger. [Schedule a consultation]

The SiriusTraffic.com mobile app is an integral part of your experience with us. Our email newsletter has been eliminated. From this point forward, email will only be used for authentication and transactional purposes with us. What you would normally expect in a newsletter is now posted on the bulletin in our mobile app. All news, updates, important information, exclusive content, and offers will be available via our iOS and Android mobile app. On-demand consulting, our new performance calculator, and our Niche Scout are exclusively available in our mobile app. We recommend that you allow push notifications for our app so that you can receive real-time “Traffic Alerts” and “Profit Signals”. A “Traffic Alert” is like a weather report for the traffic that flows through our network. They provide insight on traffic rates, volume, geo-breakout information, and more. A “Profit Signal” provides insight on hot products to promote and conversion optimization tips. Through the SiriusTraffic.com mobile app, you’ll always be properly informed and updated about things that can help you to build your brand and grow your business. This is truly revolutionary and we want to welcome you to the programmatic marketing revolution. Download the SiriusTraffic.com App now: https://siriustraffic.com/theapp

Diez Mansour-Dehghan
CEO, SiriusTraffic.com