Across all ad formats and placements industrywide, the average CTR (Click-Through Rate) benchmark is 0.05%. At, the lowest acceptable standard is a 0.200% CTR. You can run an ad campaign here regardless of what the CTR (Click-Through Rate) of your creatives is, but we recommend that you accept no lower than a CTR of at least 0.200%.

If your CTR (Click-Through Rate) is lower than 0.200%, you need more effective creatives (banners and text ads). New, custom banners and text ads work best. For maximum exposure, use banner variations in all 4 of the available ad formats which are 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, and 300×50 (IAB Standard). For maximum performance, use 3 to 5 banners of each format (12 to 20 banners). The artificial intelligence will automatically split-test your creatives to find the best results and then scale them. Additionally, the A.I. (artificial intelligence) will redact the creatives that don’t perform to a standard of excellence.

To create custom banners of your own, we recommend using We can design a custom, high-CTR banner set for your ad campaign for $50 per banner set (12 to 20 banners, 3 to 5 banners of each format). The performance standard for each banner set that we design is 0.200% CTR. To order a custom banner set, contact support via the support tab in our mobile app. This service is exclusively administered via our iOS and Android mobile app.

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