A lot of people want to know how to make money with Clickbank. You’ll hear people say all sorts of things and will throw different strategies at you. What you are about to learn will help you to start making money with Clickbank if you are a beginner. If you are already making money with Clickbank, then what you learn here will help you to increase your earnings.

So, let’s get started:

Information is the most powerful drug of them all. Think not? Allow someone to rob you of the information that you need and you will become like a heroin junky with a 1,000-pound gorilla on your back. There is no denying the fact that people need information like a junky needs a fix which is one of the reasons that people are addicted to social networking and mobile technology. Knowing these facts is the difference between failure and success with promoting Clickbank niche products. 

This is a powerful strategy that is originally designed for use with Clickbank products in the self-help niche. The self-help niche is a highly profitable evergreen niche with a global market but this can work with almost any evergreen niche.

The people in this particular interest group or niche like to read eBooks, love to watch videos and will spend hundreds to thousands of dollars over time buying ebooks and videos. In order to profit in this niche, you must offer or promote ebooks and videos that have true value and high quality. Clickbank is perfect for this because there are a lot of products, eBooks, and videos. The Clickbank marketplace serves the needs and solves the problems of people in the self-help niche. Do this right and you will be successful.

To begin, you need the following:



Step 1

Determine at least 3 Clickbank products to promote. Each product needs to have a professional sales video on the landing page.

Step 2

You need an incentive to offer people. A free eBook or report is a great incentive. Use IDPLR to find and completely customize and rebrand an ebook to give away for free. The ebook you choose must be of value to the niche you are targeting. You will need a custom book cover. Do not use a crappy book cover. It is important that you set and maintain a style that is of good decorum and professional quality. Crap always yields more crap…remember that. It is also recommended that you set a brand in place. Build a 2-page funnel using Optimizepress. The first page should look like this: [see first page]. The engagement page should like this: [see engagement page].

Step 3

Hyperlink the words “WATCH THIS VIDEO” or something compelling but simple to one of your Clickbank links. At the end of each chapter of your ebook, if your ebook is long, or at the end of the last line on the last page if your ebook is short. If your ebook is long, set a single hyperlink at the end of each chapter. Do not set the same link each time. Set a list of the several links at the end of your ebook if desired. If your ebook is short, set all of your hyperlinks on the last page of the eBook using the titles of each promotion and the hyperlinked text. Your eBook should look like this: [see eBook]

Step 4

Create a “Phoenix Funnel” for your free eBook. To learn how to do this and to get a free “Phoenix Funnel” template, [GO HERE].

Step 5

Create a custom set of banners for your ad campaign using Canva. You will need at least one of each of the available banner dimensions which are: 728×90, 300×250, 160×600, and 300×50 (IAB Standard). We can design a custom, high-CTR banner set for your Clickbank ad campaign for $75 per banner set (12 to 20 banners, 3 to 5 banners of each format). The performance standard for each banner set that we design is 0.200% CTR. To order a custom banner set, contact us via the support tab in our mobile app. This service is exclusively administered via our iOS and Android mobile app.

Step 6

Set up a new ad campaign for your funnel at SiriusTraffic.com. There are step-by-step tutorial videos in the Sirius Traffic mobile app that shows you how to set up a campaign.

Step 7

Send an email broadcast ONLY when introducing new videos which are actually new sales pages for other information products in the same niche that are listed on Clickbank. Make sure that your email content and subject lines are compelling.

Why This Works:

This is all based on psychographic segmentation which is targeting people based on data about your target market’s personality traits, values, attitudes, interests, and attitudes, amongst other things. Most people are familiar with the phrases, “everything begins with the mind” and “if you put your mind to it, you can do it”. Well, great marketing campaigns begin with and in the minds of your target audience. It is there that your marketing should begin. Psychographic marketing is the successful implementation of psychographic techniques or tactics in the deployment of programmatic ad campaigns.

The target audience, which in this case is the self-help niche, likes to read ebooks and watch videos. So, you are giving them a free high-quality ebook that points them to videos that provide value. Those videos are selling ebooks and videos. The target audience spends hundred to thousands of dollars over time on eBooks and videos that provide value. This is likened to “the first hit is free”. When people want more of the drug, which is information, they pay for it and you make money. If your eBook is good enough, it will be shared with more people and over time everything exponentiates. Keep people coming into your Phoenix Funnel and you will keep generating Clickbank commissions without the need for an autoresponse sequence.

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