MaxBounty is a CPA network that began in 2004 with the ideology that publishers should be paid the lion’s share of the bounty generated by their marketing efforts. Furthermore, all publishers regardless of size should be treated with respect. This core vision still holds true today.

Like other CPA Networks, we have taken the time to test MaxBounty’s tracking with our conversion engine in real-time and right away we found that setting up the campaign is quick and painless with some added bonuses.

If you have not registered at MaxBounty, head over and sign up. Each affiliate or publisher that applies will need to follow-up with an interview with an assigned account manager. It is a painless interview to learn more about you, your affiliate or publishing business and your goals with the network. After you have met their requirements your account will be activated.

So, assuming that you have a MaxBounty account, have decided which CPA offer to promote and you are ready to get started, here is what you need to do to promote CPA offers from MaxBounty here at


Step 1

To get started, you will first need to login to your account. In your account dashboard, click on the button that reads, “Advertisers – Create A New Campaign”

Create New Campaign Button


Step 2

Now, you need to give your ad campaign a title. You may title the campaign anything that you wish. This is only so that you can identify your ad campaign in your dashboard. Your ad campaign title must be at least 5 characters long. When you have entered a title for your new ad campaign, click on the blue “Create New Campaign” button.

Ad Campaign Title


Step 3

You will not need to choose your targeting options. Only the countries that are allowed for your MaxBounty CPA offer and be sure to specify the language you want to target.

Choose Country & Language Targeting

Step 4

Next, you need to choose the market vertical (niche) and keywords for your ad campaign. Select the market vertical that best represents your campaign. Our network will attempt to place ads within all related verticals in order to find the best placements for your campaign. Only enter up to 20 general root keywords or keyphrases that best represent your campaign, separated by a comma. With our technology, keywords are only used to inform our system of what you are promoting, it is not for placement. Ad placement at is programmatic.

Market Vertical & Keyword Targeting

Step 5

Next, you need to choose your demographic, device & browser targeting options. Select the Gender and Age Demographics that best represent your campaign. Our network will attempt to place ads within all combinations of related demographics in order to find the best placements for your campaign. Optionally, you can select the devices and browsers you wish to target if your MaxBounty CPA offer requires specific devices and browsers.

Demographic, Device & Browser Targeting

Step 6

You will now need to set the Automatic Retargeting option. You may automatically retarget anyone who clicks on your ad within our exchange. Depending on the nature of your campaign, retargeting has been known to increase conversions by enticing back visitors who have previously clicked on your offer. We recommend choosing the “Retarget Indefinitely” option for any new ad campaigns. When you have chosen this option, click on the blue “Save Targeting” button.

Automatic Retargeting

Step 7

Now, you need to create text ads and/or upload the banner ads for your MaxBounty CPA offer. Some of MaxBounty CPA offers have banner ads and others don’t. We recommend using a combination of text ads and banner ads. You will need to give each of your ad creatives a title. Be sure to follow the on-screen instructions.

Text Ad

Banner Ad

When you have uploaded all of your banner ads and/or created each of your text ads, click on the button that reads, “Proceed To Next Step – Landing Pages”:

Proceed To Next Step

Step 8

Now you will need to enter your MaxBounty CPA offer tracking URL. Give your landing page a title using at least 5 characters. Copy the tracking URL for your MaxBounty CPA offer and paste it into the “Destination URL” field. Next, click on the red button that reads, “Check URL”. This will open your MaxBounty CPA offer tracking URL in a new tab or window in order to test your tracking URL to make sure that it is functioning properly. When you are done, click on the blue button that reads, “Save Landing Page”.

Landing Pages

When you are done here, click on the button that reads, “Proceed To Next Step, Bid & Budget”.

Proceed To Next Step

Step 9

This is where you will enter your PPC and CPA bid and budget. You need to decide what a good PPC bid will be for your ad campaign. The minimum PPC bid is $0.10. You will also need to enter your PPC daily budget. The minimum PPC daily budget is $10.00.



After you are done entering your bids, you will need to set the ad campaign CPA tracking pixel or post back at MaxBounty. Some of the CPA offers at MaxBounty require a Server to Server (S2S) post back. Use the full URL inside of the CPA tracking pixel code as the S2S post back.

CPA Tracking Pixel

 After you are done here, click on the blue button that reads, “Save Bids & Budgets”.

Step 10

You will now pay for your ad campaign. Choose the desired deposit level and then click on the blue button that reads, “Set Deposit Level & Checkout”. You will then need complete the online payment process using your debit or credit card and your campaign will go live after it is approved. If you want your ad approval to be expedited, simply make the request via our help desk.

Deposit Level

Set Deposit

That’s It! You’re All Done. You have now set up an ad campaign to promote a CPA offer from MaxBounty. We hope that this guide will help you to create successful ad campaigns with MaxBounty CPA offers. If you need help with anything, do not hesitate to contact us.

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