The integrated sales reporting system at is compatible for use with your ad campaigns here at Sirius Traffic. You can use this system to track order form impressions or sales. This means that Clickbank will notify whenever a lead sees the payment page for the Clickbank product you are promoting and/or anytime that you make a commission. This allows our programmatic ad targeting to automatically optimize your ad campaign around desired activity or actions taken by the leads that our system delivers into your lead and sales funnels. The end result is higher conversion rates at a lower cost.

To properly setup your CPA tracking post back for tracking order form impressions or sales at, follow these instructions:

Step 1: Setup an ad campaign.

Step 2: When setting up your Bids & Budgets, copy the link from your CPA Tracking Pixel code:

CPA Tracking Pixel Code



3. Login to your account. Then click on “SETTINGS” and then “My Site” in the main menu.

My Site 4. Scroll down the page to the “Integrated Sales Reporting” section and click on “ADD TRACKING CODE”.

Integrated Sales Reporting

5. Choose “Order Form Confirmation” to track sales or “Order Form” to track order page impressions and then click on “SAVE”.

Add Tracking Code

6. Choose the Vendor or Affiliate radio button then paste the link from your CPA Tracking Pixel code into the “Tracking Pixel URL” field and click “SAVE”.

 Paste Tracking URL

Click on the green play button to make your tracking pixel active and your tracking pixel link will be set and ready to go:

Tracking Pixel Set

If you need help or assistance with setting a tracking pixel at Clickbank, contact us and we will help you.