Engagement translates to value in the human psyche. Using Facebook Messenger to provide a deeper level of engagement with your target audience provides value for your leads, customers, and clients that is unmatched. By default, this builds the value of your brand and offerings. Facebook Messenger allows you to establish a relationship with people and gives personality to business. This is something that email and no other medium can do for you and your business. Facebook Messenger also yields 100% deliverability rates.

Facebook Messenger is more effective than email. That is a fact. Email funnels are effective. That is a fact. These are facts. These facts mean that a Facebook Messenger Funnel is more effective than an email funnel. That’s not theory. That’s a fact. Are “Facebook Messenger funnels” widely used? No. Are email funnels widely used? Yes. This means that there is much less competition when using Facebook Messenger to engage with your leads, customers, or clients. This makes your business stand above your competition in the minds of your target audience. That translates to higher lead and sales conversion rates.

I’m going to explain how to set up a Facebook Messenger Funnel for your business and the process is simple. This also works well for niche marketing. First, if you have not seen a Facebook Messenger Funnel, take a look at this Facebook Messenger Funnel.

The Facebook Messenger Funnel is less complex but more powerful than any other type of funnel. You need a landing page with a Messenger call-to-action button and then you need to automate your Facebook Messenger responses so that your Facebook Page’s Messenger will respond intelligently to your leads, customers, or clients. That is the concept and yes, it is simple. However, a concept means nothing without the right tools or technology. Knowing the right concept and having the right tools means nothing without an effective and efficient strategy.

To set up a Facebook Messenger Funnel, you will need an FB Inboxer account and a Messenger AI chatbot. There are many options for setting up an AI chatbot for Messenger. Contact us via Facebook Messenger and we will show you the technology that we use for our Messenger AI Chatbot. Yes, Facebook pages have an autoreply feature but it will reply the same thing to everyone, every time because the autoreply function is not a Messenger AI chatbot. That’s really all there is to it. How you go about configuring everything depends on the technology that you use. If you require assistance or would like for us to set up a Facebook Messenger Funnel for your business, contact us on Facebook Messenger.



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