To set up an ad campaign here at for $30, follow these 4 easy steps:

1. Create an account. Registering an account at is quick, easy and free. To do this, click on the red, “Connect via Facebook” button and follow the instructions.

Create Account

2. Watch the training video on how to setup an ad campaign (go here). We recommend that you watch this video to see how to properly setup an ad campaign. The video is easy to follow and shows you how to do everything step by step.

Training Videos

3. In the final steps of setting up your ad campaign, set your PPC Bid to $0.10. Next set the PPC Daily Budget to $10.00. Leave the remaining CPA Bid fields at $0.00 and then click on the “Save Bids & Budgets” button.

300 Visits For $30

4. On the next screen, select the 3-day minimum deposit level and then click on “Set Deposit Level & Checkout”

300 for 30

Once you have done this, that’s it! Your ad will be submitted for approval and then you will have 300+ new people visiting your promotion.