Okay. Prepare to be shocked. Here it is: I eliminated our free email newsletter. Yes, I totally did. Right now, you’re wondering why I did this and silently berating me. However, allow me to explain. Everybody has heard it, “the money is in the list”. The marketing industry religiously adheres to that idea but the reality does not. Ask yourself, which of the following is more engaging: email or social media? Before you answer that, I want you to think about something: People are more emotionally invested in social media and apps than email. People use social media for more than just messaging. Email can only be used for email messaging and that is it. It’s a limited user experience. Social media is a different animal. It’s totally different from email. Email has effectively been deprioritized and it has been relegated to an authentication measure. Still, so many people say that email is king. Well, there is a new king now. That king is the mobile app. Right now, most people use social media via a mobile app. This is why I mentioned social media earlier. The social media experience is what has given rise and longevity to social media. That experience is being tremendously enhanced by mobile apps. Social media is an experience that you can take with you and tap into whenever you wish…because of mobile apps. There are multi-million dollar companies whose sole business model is based on a mobile app, not email. Hopefully, you’re starting to get the picture that I am painting here. To help you out, let’s compare marketing to a deck of cards.

Hopefully, you’re starting to get the picture that I am painting here. To help you out, let’s compare marketing to a deck of cards in a poker game. Poker requires 52 cards in order for the game to be played. If you think that email marketing is king and that “the money is in the list”, you’re playing the game with less than half of the deck of cards. Mobile apps and browser push notifications make up the rest of the deck. Get the picture? No? Okay. How about this….email marketing is like a cassette tape and mobile apps are like Apple Music or Spotify. Do you get it now? Yeah, most people that scream, “the money is in the list” do not have a mobile app. People with an app that delivers true value are not screaming, “the money is in the list” because they are playing the game with a full deck. They know that mobile apps are more engaging than email, they provide the best user experience, mobile app users are more responsive, and mobile apps are indeed more profitable than an email list could ever right now or at any point in the future. Yes, there are companies and people with huge, responsive, and profitable email lists. However, how likely is it that such success can be duplicated and focused for your specific business? Think about that. I did. That’s why I killed our email newsletter. Our mobile app produces far better performance than any of our email lists ever could. You can call it a lack of skill or knowledge but I’m saying the same thing about businesses and people without apps. If you limit the user experience, you will limit your revenue and profits. A mobile app can only help these. Think about it…when has business ever gone under because of its mobile app? I know, right? Yeah. You understand now, yes? So, if you are on any of our email lists, unsubscribe and download our app because I want you to know that I care about your experience. I think that you deserve the experience that our mobile app provides instead of sifting through your inbox getting pissed at all of the spam competing for your attention every day. An email newsletter is beneath you and this business. So, I raised the standard to a more suitable level that we all can enjoy. I’m not saying that I am getting rid of email completely. It’s still needed for authentication purposes (account registration, transactions) as I stated earlier. There’s simply no need for an email newsletter given our business model and the fact that we have a mobile app, an outstanding blog, and we use browser push notifications. Basically, we’re ahead of the power curve.

Oh sh!t…..don’t get me started on browser push notifications. That would be too much for you to handle after reading this post. So, again, because I care about your experience, inside of our mobile app is a free report that explains why browser push notifications are also more effective than email. When you combine the power of a mobile app with that of browser push notifications, what you have is a formula for marketing success that the one-dimensional email experience is incapable of delivering. LEARN MORE

.:Diez Mansour-Dehghan, CEO:.