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Lead Sentry is a unique digital marketing system that provides the ability to quickly generate email lists, targeted traffic and profits in the most effective and efficient manner possible. The system consists of 3 powerful, easy to use components. Lead Sentry also includes the training and support that you need.


Generate Targeted Email Lists In Real-Time

  • Web Crawling

    Simply enter a website address. Lead Sentry will find all URLs of the website and then identify and capture all email addresses from each page. It can also extract encoded email addresses.

  • Bulk URL Crawling

    Upload a list of links from a text or csv file. Learn Sentry will then seek, find and list every email address on each of the web pages provided in your list.

  • Google Search

    Find leads using Google. Target the search by keyword, language and location. Lead Sentry will then find and list all email addresses that fit your search criteria. You can also search using Bing.

  • Social Media Search

    Build a targeted email list of leads that consists entirely of email addresses that your target audience is using on their social media profiles.

  • WHOIS Search

    Get domain whois information like administrative emails, technical emails, name servers, registration dates, expiration dates, last update dates and registrant information.

  • Validate Email Lists

    Verify the email addresses on your lists to avoid bounces and invalid lead data. Lead Sentry checks the email syntax and MX record for validity.

  • Email Address Filtering

    Copy and paste or import your list in txt or csv format. Lead Sentry will then will remove duplicate and incomplete email addresses from your lists.

  • File Search

    Extract email data from PDF, DOC, Text, JSON & XML files. Lead Sentry will then find and list all email addresses within the documents you provide.

Instant List Building. Targeted Traffic. Easy Profits.

Cloud Based (Nothing To Install)

Mobile Optimized For iOS & Android

Generate Email Lists Using Search Engines & Social Networks

Get Every Email Address From Any Website

Validate & Clean The Email Lists You Generate

Generating an email list is great, but you also need to be able to send messages to those lists. That's why the Lead Sentry system also includes powerful bulk emailing software...

RMS Platform

Powered by:

BONUS: SMS/Text Messaging Module

The Harakhti RMS is a powerful bulk email marketing system that enables you to send an unlimited amount of email promotions to the email lists that you generate. This technology also includes an SMS/text messaging function that allows you to send an unlimited amount of messages to any number of mobile phones on any carrier worldwide. This feature alone is normally $127 per month, but you will receive access to it for no extra cost with the Lead Sentry system.

Training Videos, Help Desk & Live Support Via Skype Included


Being able to generate desktop and mobile traffic via email and text messaging is awesome, but social media traffic is too profitable to be ignored. Of all the popular social media sites, Facebook is by far the most effective of them all. So, the Lead Sentry system also includes a way to quickly generate targeted traffic directly from Facebook.

FPS Platform

The Harakhti FPS is highly effective social media marketing technology. It allows you to generate traffic and leads from Facebook by posting your promotions to active niche groups and pages. No Facebook app is required for this technology to function because it uses the Facebook Graph API. This means that you won't have to worry about creating a Facebook app and then having it restricted. The Harakhti FPS features the ability to completely customize your posts, use spintax to make each of your posts unique, use emojis and icons, set promotion links, schedule posts and more. This system alone is valued at $197 per month.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Lead Sentry is one of the most powerful ways to quickly generate targeted email lists that you can use to promote your products, services or affiliate promotions. We offer a one day trial to give you an opportunity to try Lead Sentry. However, if Lead Sentry does not perform as advertised or does not function as advertised in any way, you are entitled to a refund. You can request a refund within 30 days from the date of your purchase.