OGAds is the world’s best-performing mobile content locking network. OGAds makes it easy for people to supplement their income or for businesses to add an additional revenue stream. If you have been looking for an OGAds method that actually works, you are in the right place. We’ve developed an effective method for use here at SiriusTraffic.com. This particular “OGAds method” is easy to setup and deploy. This is an OGAds method that is designed to be used by anyone.

With this method, you will be able to quickly get started making $10 to $20 dollars per day for each ad campaign that you set up. This method is scalable and is capable of generating $500 per day or more. We see conversion rates of 30% or higher on average with this method.

To get started you will need the following:

When you have what is needed for this method, follow these steps:

Step 1: Find A Popular Mobile Niche Market To Target And Create An OGAds Mobile Content Locker For It or Use One of The Landing Pages Made By OGAds.

Step 2: Setup A Single Optin List In Rapid Mailer or Getresponse With A 4-Day Email Autoresponse Sequence For Your Promotion

Step 3: Build A 2-Step Single Optin Landing Page With Profit Builder or Landing Page Monkey

Step 4: Create Custom Banners For Use With Your Ad Campaign Using Canva

Step 5: Setup An Ad Campaign At SiriusTraffic.com

Step 6: Set your CPA Tracking PostBack Using CPA Link Ninja That Points To Your OGAds Landing Page

Step 7: Set your CPA Link Ninja Link As The Thank You Page URL For Your Email List

Step 8: Update The Email Form Code On Your Landing Page.

Step 9: Make Profits And Scale To Making Hundreds Per Day or More

This OGAds Method allows you to build a responsive, targeted email list that you can use to get free traffic for the future of your promotion as well as other promotions.

This is an easy OGAds method for anyone with the necessary skill set and knowledge of how to use the required tools. If you do not have the necessary skill set and knowledge of how to use the required tools, we can help you to get everything set up for only $37 per ad campaign or niche. The service includes niche targeting analysis, a custom landing page, 4-day email autoresponse sequence, CPA tracking pixel placement, email form code integration, a custom banner set (12 banners) and targeting configuration for your ad campaign >> Contact Us Now

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