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A Performance Funnel is a professionally designed programmatic monetization funnel that generates leads and converts them into paying customers or clients.

  • Adaptive Landing Page

    Our team will design an adaptive landing page that allows leads to enter their contact information (name and email/name, email, and phone number, or only email).

  • 7-Day Email Autoresponse Sequence

    Our team will craft up to 7 unique emails that are designed to raise awareness, increase interest, and build value in what you are promoting.

  • Monetized Engagement Page

    The conventional “thank you” or confirmation page is a thing of the past. Enter, the “Engagement Page”. This page is designed to get leads to take a specific action.

  • Custom Banner Set and Text Ads

    Your funnel will include up to 12 custom banners and 3 unique text ads designed by our team of creative specialists.

  • Hosted On Our Cloud Servers

    Your funnel is hosted on our Harakhti Cloud Servers to ensure stability, reliability, and accountability. You also have the option of hosting your funnel on your own hosting account.

  • Heat Map Tracking & Detailed Analytics

    See what each visitor or lead does with real time video recording of all activity on your funnel pages. Literally see what makes your funnel effective with heat map tracking technology and a full analytics data set.

  • Psychographic Segmentation

    Your funnel design includes the latest psychographic marketing and targeting best practices. Your brand and offer is presented in ways that engage leads starting at the psychological level.

  • Unlimited Impressions, Clicks, and Leads

    There is no reason to limit the amount of views or traffic that you can receive. Generate as many leads as you need or want. Your funnel functions 24/7.

  • Unparalleled Fraud Protection

    All traffic sent your funnel is monitored in every way possible and all leads delivered are accounted for by us. This means that there is ZERO FRAUD RISK.


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10-Day Performance Guarantee

Each Performance Funnel is designed and tested by us for use with ad campaigns here at If any funnel that we design does not yield at least a 5% lead conversion rate within 7 days, we will optimize your campaign at no additional cost. If the 5% lead conversion KPI is still not met within 3 days after the optimization, we will issue you a refund.