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Programmatic ad technology has changed the digital marketing landscape forever. The term, "programmatic" encompasses an array of artificially intelligent technologies that automate the buying, placement, and optimization of media inventory, in turn replacing human-based methods. At we have powerfully revolutionized the programmatic marketing process. Serving in the digital marketing arena since 2012, we are one of the pioneers of programmatic marketing technology. It is our proprietary technology and expertise that sets us apart as one of the leading private programmatic marketing companies in the world.

Our "Programmatic Marketing Accelerator" is designed to teach you how to successfully deploy programmatic ad campaigns that will generate leads in ways that are amazingly efficient and effective. You will gain knowledge of what programmatic marketing is and exactly how it helps your business to grow by reaching your audience in new ways. Leads are the lifeblood of any business. The success of your business rests on your ability to consistently generate new leads, customers, or clients. The "Programmatic Marketing Accelerator" shows you how to combine innovative technology and programmatic media buying efficacy into unique and powerful strategies and methods. This gives you an edge in your market or industry.

This Is What You Will Learn:

The Fundamentals & Concepts of Programmatic Marketing

Get a full understanding of what programmatic marketing is and how it works. Learn about the concepts and models that work best for targeted lead generation for a variety of market verticals and demographics. Become acquainted with the fundamentals of programmatic marketing with unique insight.

The "Phoenix" Strategy and "Phoenix Portals"

Phoenix Portals are the core of the most effective lead generation methods in the programmatic ad space. These types of funnels combine cutting-edge marketing technologies in effective and efficient ways. You will learn of the things you need to deploy powerful funnels that produce amazing results for your business. When you combine this with the Phoenix Strategy, you have a sure way to consistently generate new, qualified leads.

Psychographic Targeting Techniques

Learn how to properly engage and nurture targeted leads using powerful psychographic methodology. Discover how to use psychological triggers that leverage human nature to increase campaign performance. These techniques will can give your business an "unfair" advantage over your competition.

Data Mining & Monetization

Learn how to properly assess your competition, markets, demographics, and analytics data so that you can identify opportunities to grow your business. See additional ways to monetize your business, leads, and ad campaigns (yes, even your ad campaigns).

Live Webinars and Workshops Every Week To Keep You Updated With The Latest Insights, Training, and Tools

"I had no clue about programmatic marketing before but I definitely understand it now. I'm able to setup my own programmatic ad campaigns and the results have been truly stunning. My marketing is a lot easier now and I love how efficient everything is."

Maksim Saar  - Marketing Consultant

"I really enjoy the live webinars and being to immediately use what I learn. My business is generating higher quality leads and our ad campaigns are performing at a level that we have not been able to achieve before. The support is great and the consulting is priceless."

Veronica Hernandez - HYT Media Group

Consulting, Assistance, and Support

Live Assistance and Consulting

Get top-notch consulting via the Voxer App (iOS and Android) and our private chat interface. This level of service allows you to get personal attention and assistance when you need it.

Priority In-App Support

Get head-of-queue, priority support via the mobile app (iOS and Android). Our mobile app is an integral part of our support service provision with an unparalleled level quality.

Profit Signals and Traffic Alerts

Receive real-time "Traffic Alerts" and "Profit Signals". A "Traffic Alert" is like a weather report for the traffic that flows through our network. They provide insight on traffic rates, volume, geo-breakout information, and more. A "Profit Signal" provides sales insights, trends, and conversion optimization tips.



Harakhti FPS

($47 Per Month Value)

The Harakhti FPS allows you to generate an unlimited amount of targeted traffic from Facebook by leveraging the use of this powerful technology. Automatically post, like, comment, and engage with your audience via Facebook groups and pages.

Harakhti IGP

($27.99 Per Month Value)

The Harakhti IGP allows you to auto post, like, comment, follow, and unfollow on Instagram using multiple accounts. Use this technology to generate traffic and conversions using one of the most heavily used social media platforms.

FB Inboxer

($69 Per Month Value)

FB Inboxer is revolutionary, powerful, and effective Facebook messenger marketing software that eliminates the need for email marketing. This technology allows you to send bulk messages via Facebook Messenger.


($20 Per Month Value)

PRVT is a powerful link management and tracking tool that allows you to simultaneously build a custom audience for use with Facebook retargeting/remarketing campaigns. This tool adds everyone that clicks on your links to your custom audience.


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We’re really confident that this will help you and your business. Because of this we offer a 60-day money back guarantee. If this service is of no true benefit to your business, simply let us know and we will grant you a full refund…no questions asked.