Many times and many ways new clients often ask, “how much does it cost and what does it take to get specific results or to generate a certain amount of revenue and profit”? This question is asked before one dollar or penny is moved. People ask these questions as if they can be answered on the spot without doing some mathematical acrobatics. There is not one calculator on the entire internet that can answer such questions with accuracy. Think about that. Not a single one…anywhere. So, I sat down and 24 hours later, I built one.

Before now, the available PPC (pay per click) calculators were all lacking what the Performance Calculator provides. In fact, no other ad campaign tool does what the Performance Calculator can do. This tool answers the common money and performance questions about any programmatic marketing campaign. If you want to know what it takes and costs to generate a certain amount of sales or revenue along with an accurate set of performance KPIs, the Performance Calculator can provide you with that information.

The Programmatic Campaign Performance Calculator is available exclusively here at Use it calculate the cost, profitability, and KPIs for a successful ad campaign.



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