Having is blog is great but a blog has no value if it does not generate revenue for your business. So, monetizing your blog is essential. The purpose of a business blog is to make money. So, if you have a business blog and it doesn’t make money, you’re wasting your time and effort. If you have a blog and don’t want to use it to grow your business or make money with it, then what the fk are you are actually doing? The internet is the most effective monetization medium on the planet and if you are not using it to grow your business and make money, you are missing the entire point of the internet and what it means for commerce. If any of what I just stated strikes a chord in you, get over it. Nobody cares. This post is about money and how to use a blog to generate it.

A lot of people say that content is king but I disagree. The facts show that value is king. Content without value is useless. The content of your blog must be high-quality content that people want to read or see. Always use a featured image that captures attention. Always implement SEO best practices. Always make sure that your content is not a waste of people’s time and contains some value. Content that has value increases visitor engagement and will bring people back to your blog. The more people engage with your blog, the more people will engage with any ads placed on your blog and ads are how you make money with a blog.

So, how is money made from ads placed on a blog? It’s a lot easier done than said. It’s something that you have to see for yourself but the concept is simple. It works like this:

  • People visit your blog (from SEO, social media sharing or paid traffic)
  • People consume the content on your blog
  • People click on ads set on your blog
  • You make money from the clicks and conversions that are generated

So, how do you find advertisers? How much do you sell clicks and conversions for? How do you manage all of this? Conventional options ultimately leave you screwed and you don’t want that. You want to monetize your blog without having to worry about any crap, technological acrobatics, or BS right? Exactly. This is where Programmatic Monetization comes into play and why it is important for monetizing your blog. Take a look at this video and prepare to have your mind blown: VIEW VIDEO