“The Nazis were anti-capitalist enough to be threatening to private enterprise and property but flexible enough to take advantage of the efficiencies of capitalist enterprises. One common theme runs through the treatment of business in the Nazi period: the steady erosion of the distinction between private and public good, politics triumphed over economics, “common good” over private. Accordingly, entrepreneurs were supposed to invest for the benefit of the community of the German people and to support Germany’s war policy and not in order to maximize profits.”

Page 16 of the book, “European Business, Dictatorship, and Political Risk (1920-1945)”
by Christopher Kobrak, Per H. Hansen
Published in 2004

What you just read was an accurate assessment of what was going on in the business world in Germany during the Nazi period.

The same or similar conditions will produce the same or similar results.

Empirically, without a doubt, the same thing is happening in America right now.

In Nazi Germany, people were free to speak, spend, and invest however they wished…so long as they adhered to Nazi ideology.

In today’s world, you are free to speak, spend, and invest however you wish…so long as you adhere to leftist ideology.

In Nazi Germany, businesses owners were vilified, arrested, or killed and their businesses were shut down or closed if the business owners did not adhere to Nazi ideology.

In today’s world, business owners are vilified, arrested, frivolously sued, demonetized, canceled, or shut down if the business owners do not adhere to leftist ideology.

This is the reality.

This is not an opinion.

These are empirical facts that are substantiated every day now and you don’t need to look far to see it.

It’s all over the media.

Say the wrong thing at the right time to anybody on the left and your business could be in jeopardy because….butt-hurt.

Is your business vulnerable to this reality?


Is our business vulnerable to that same reality?


How so?

Because all minds are not the same nor do they carry the same value.

Anybody can say anything they wish about our company but I’ll let everyone know this now:


No snowflake, leftist, LGBT loving MFs are going to have any impact here.

We do NOT play that politically correct, snowflake, LGBT ally bullshit.

We do not allow leftist or homosexual advertisements on our platform and there is not anything that anyone can do about it.

We are not subject to the same bullshit world of belief and emotions that people on the left uphold and maintain.

So, I will make something known right now that will shock some people…

The supreme court has repeatedly ruled that so-called “hate speech” is still free speech and is protected by the 1st amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.


If you call that hate speech, well, here’s some free speech: THIS COMPANY DOES NOT CARE ABOUT THE LGBT OR THE LEFT.

That’s how free speech and FREEDOM works.

So, if any of this hurts your feelings…too bad. DEAL WITH IT.

Now, moving forward, this message along with our already standing terms of service serves as a notice of this company’s stance on LGBT or Leftist issues.

We are not concerned with the left or the LGBT.

They are not our target market.

They have zero impact on anything we do, have done, or will do.

Support from the left or LGBT is NOT needed, required, or necessary for this company to exist, operate, or grow.


The left and LGBT are POWERLESS here.

If you agree with our company’s stance, you are welcomed here.

If you do not agree without company’s stance, stay away and pay close attention to our terms of service because if you attempt any of the leftist/LGBT/politically correct bullshit here, YOU WILL FKN PAY FOR IT and we are not talking about taking anybody to court or being litigious in any way. There are other very legal means of solving problems that these leftist/LGBT idiots are not aware of.

If you believe otherwise, I challenge anyone to test that fkn theory.

We know how to control idiots.

We know the difference between the “common good” and what’s private.

We know to maximize profits over politics and we don’t need politics in order to profit.

If politics were are a concern here, you would not be reading this right now.

We see and know what the socialist/LGBT/leftists are doing but we also know what we are doing.

They don’t know what we are doing or what we have been doing for the past 7 years.

To anyone that calls this violent, hate speech, offensive, or anything else other than what it is, you will need to substantiate and quantify any and all claims that you could make and I want you all to know that we definitely will.

The leftists/LGBT/socialist seek to destroy and pervade any standing business that does not adhere to their ideology. The evidence of that claim is now referred to across the nation as “cancel culture” or “de-platforming”. We don’t need social media. We don’t need anything the leftists/LGBT/socialists need in order to be what we are or to do what we do.

It seems that nobody in the marketing industry ever takes a stand against what has proven to be a detriment to society and business which is leftist/LGBT/socialist ideology. Well, that’s not happening here. This is our stance and we are making it known because we are not afraid of the leftists/LGBT/socialists. Why? Because we consider and deal with ALL of the facts and make our conclusions with reason, not our feelings, emotions, or beliefs. We deal with reality as it is and because of that, we don’t allow leftist/LGBT ads on our platform. Why? Because we know to maximize profit over politics and politics is not needed, necessary, or required in order for us to exist, operate, and grow. Lemon trees do not need apple trees in order to grow lemons. The leftists/LGBT have apples. We KNOW their markets do not have the capacity to sustain any industry other than their own. It’s not a mystery as to why there are no highly popular, highly successful, national leftist/LGBT focused companies…and there never will be. By the leftists/LGBT simply being what they are they have condemned themselves to extremely limited growth without support from their “allies”. That’s called weak and unsustainable.

Every decade is known for something. There’s a general theme. The past 10 years has been the decade of the rise of social justice/LGBT/socialist ideology. That damage that has been done will never be undone. It’s been a hell of a decade but the next decade will be hell for the companies and people that should have been focusing on building targeted audiences and maximizing profit through the exchange of true value. Instead, they focused on generating controversy, pissing people off, and in the end, that is all they will have…controversy and a lot of pissed off people that don’t like them and won’t patronize them. The leftists/LGBT have been enjoying short-term gains while ignoring the reality of their long-term losses.

The leftists/LGBT despise the truth or dealing with all of the facts but if any of them attempt to move on this company, that is all they will be dealing with. They will get nothing but the full force of reality.

Don’t forget what has been made abundantly clear here.


Diez Mansour-Dehghan
CEO, SiriusTraffic.com


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