You may or may not be a He-Man fan. If you don’t know what He-Man is, there are 65 episodes available on Netflix (binge on it). If you know what He-Man is or are a fan of the cartoon, you’re going to enjoy this post. Okay, let’s rock.

So, in the He-Man cartoon series, the hero is He-Man and the archvillain is Skeletor. In every episode, He-Man, being the most powerful man in the universe, always wins. No more how many times Skeletor gets his ass whipped, the guy never learns. Skeletor is the boss of his crew of other villains that each have their strengths and weaknesses. Skeletor has a very tight-knit crew and always works with the same small circle of people. They all get their asses whipped by He-Man every time also. One of the things that make the series so interesting is seeing WTF Skeletor is going to come up with next. Skeletor always makes or finds some kind of new device or magical object that he thinks will defeat or destroy He-Man and that is the reason why he leads his crew of villains. Skeletor is the plug. Skeletor’s aim is to take over “Castle Grey Skull”, which is a magical castle that has great power. With it, Skeletor believes that he can rule the kingdom of Eternia.

Now that we’ve established a common understanding of what the He-Man series is about, I’ll move forward with informing you of what a “Skeletor Marketer” is. A Skeletor Marketer is a marketer that always thinks that some new awesome tool will be your magic bullet for success. See, no matter how many times Skeletor makes or finds a new device or magical object, He-Man whips his ass with the same tool every time, which is his sword. He-Man, can’t do shit without his sword. There is no He-Man without the sword. There is no Skeletor without some new device or magical object that ultimately fails to assist him. Without his sword, He-Man is the rich, spoiled, and intelligent Prince Adam. Even Prince Adam whips Skeletor’s ass and the asses of his entire crew. Why? How? Because no matter which new device or magical object Skeletor uses, his strategy is always weak, ineffective, or non-existent. Any individual one of the devices and magical objects could totally defeat or destroy He-Man. Skeletor could see a win but he always lacks the skill and strategies required to complete his mission. This is why Skeletor Marketers always fail. They lack skills and the ability to deploy effective strategies. All technology works. The difference is how the technology is used and/or how effective and efficient the technology is. If your business is not performing due to a lack of targeted traffic and responsive leads, you don’t want a Skeletor Marketer. You need a He-Man sword and effective strategies. is the He-Man sword of the programmatic marketing industry. Effective marketing strategies begin with choosing to do business with us. Learn More

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