Yes. It’s true. Starbucks closed their online store. With all of the hype surrounding e-commerce, people seem to have overlooked the fact that the bulk of internet traffic is mobile, most people spend more time on their mobile phone than any other device, and mobile apps are indeed the largest e-commerce platform due to the fact that mobile sales revenue is surpassing desktop revenue at a tremendous pace. So, what is Starbucks thinking? They are thinking about the money and following it. Starbucks did not kill their e-commerce, they are growing it with their mobile app. They just cut out every middle man that could possibly be eliminated, reducing their overhead, and by default, increasing their e-commerce profit margins. Now, people order what they want via the Starbucks app and pick it up at their local Starbucks store. That’s called control. That’s like “the carter building” in the “New Jack City” movie. Starbucks is now able to move their dope like a druglord that works with the CIA. A salute to Starbucks for taking decisive action that is already making a positive impact on their bottom line.

E-commerce is growing 20+% year-over-year, yet more than 48%+ of American small businesses do not have a website and 70%+ of small businesses do not have a mobile app. I know, right? So, if you’re a business owner and don’t have a mobile app yet, consider the following: the cost of mobile apps is rising and will continue to rise. The average cost of a mobile is more than the average cost of a home in America. The average cost to maintain an app every year is more than what most people pay in taxes. Right now, if you don’t have a mobile app, you’re behind the power curve, losing the race, and fighting marketing battles that you will always lose if you don’t have a mobile app.

Think about that. Let that sink in. Now, if you don’t $180,000+ to have a mobile app designed and built, what are you going to do? If you find yourself in on the wrong end of the question that was just asked, we need to speak. My business,, has a solution for you. Contact us now:

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