Pulling ads due to “brand safety” concerns and triple-standard censoring is already having a negative impact that is broad enough to effectively diminish the appeal and profits of major social media companies. The path that major media companies are on began with them all entering through a “door of no return” around 2010. Since 2010, the rise of “social justice” movements via the use of social media has been in full swing. Now, people are confused about what a man or a woman is, there are people that believe the earth is flat, and socialism is on the political stage.

Truly, technology is always the enemy of idiots.

Right now, Facebook and Google, the two largest marketing companies or ad networks in the world, are shooting themselves in the ass. Not the foot…the ass. Facebook and Google make more than 90% of their revenue from marketing. Neither Facebook or Google make the content that brings people to their platforms. They don’t drive the traffic they sell, but selling traffic is how they both generate revenue. So, if Facebook and Google continue to eliminate their top content providers due to these content providers not being politically, socially, or culturally aligned with the beliefs and motives of a very small base of ultracrepidarian idiots that know nothing about running a business or providing true value to anyone or any society…then so be it. They have nothing to lose but profits, right? It’s not like that matters at all, right?

Facebook and Google are companies. If your company relies on any number of other companies in order to survive and grow, then your company is not a true means of production. A company that must rely on other companies in order to survive and grow is a gamble and a gamble is not a true means of production. Major media companies and social media companies will not be able to reverse the damage they are literally doing to themselves right now which further validates the SiriusTraffic.com advantage. If you don’t know what that is yet, keep reading and you will find out.

There is no such thing as “brand safety” or “brand safe”. The entire concept is a lie. No superior brand has ever been established by its own consumer base. Consumers don’t run the companies they buy from. This isn’t socialism or communism. It’s capitalism. Consumers don’t determine the prices of their goods. If the control of your company’s brand is in the hands of a consumer demographic that isn’t your target market, people that are not even your buyers….then, what you have is not a brand. What you have is a problem. Consumers don’t establish brands. Brands establish people. A brand, by definition, is a mark that designates ownership and a public image, reputation, or identity conceived of as something to be marketed or promoted. Who owns and controls your brand? Do consumers that don’t buy from you, own and control your brand? How strong is your brand? A brand can only be as strong as the minds that drive it.

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