You can’t tell Facebook, Google, or any other marketing platform what it is that you’re promoting. With other marketing platforms, you can provide your promotion links or funnels, and there are all sorts of audience targeting options but there are no options to inform these platforms of exactly what you are promoting or exactly what type of actions you want people to take.

At, you can inform our platform of exactly what you are promoting and the specific types of actions you want people to take using real language. There are other targeting options such as location, device type, operating system, demographic and browser or user agent but these are targeting options for an audience. In order for a marketing platform to be as effective and efficient as possible, the platform itself must also know what is being promoted to your target audience. provides that advantage and it is something that we do the best. No other ad platform has this capability. Other marketing platforms boast of how sophisticated their artificial intelligence is. When you consider the fact that conventional marketing platforms focus specifically on audience targeting with no idea of what is actually being promoted, it means that they can only be focused on half of the game.

The platform knows what you are promoting and our artificial intelligence has a better understanding of your target audience. This is why conversion rates are higher and costs are lower with our platform. This is what makes stand out above the crowd. That is what makes different and new.

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