has a unique business model which is called the Hypromatic Business Model.

“Hypro-“ means extreme mental supremacy above others.

“-matic” means to perform.

Hypromatic means to perform in a manner that yields results that are superior to others individually or collectively. Hypromatic Performance is performance at a level that is truly mentally superior.

No matter what you are doing, your mind is always engaged. Everything and anything on the internet was or is set there by people (minds). Therefore, when you are doing anything on the internet, your mind is being engaged with and by the work of other minds (people). The internet is a field of mental activity.

To operate in today’s world and be as effective or efficient as possible, the internet is required and so is your mind along with the minds of others. Most of the content across the popular sites is deconstructive with very little if any true value. The majority of the popular content on the internet is entertainment. The internet is the most advanced technological achievement in recorded history. Yet, the majority of the world primarily uses it for consuming entertainment or entertaining others. That reality speaks for itself.

Operating a business across a vast ocean of minds (people) that primarily use the most advanced technological achievement in recorded history for entertainment is rightfully expensive and troublesome. Fools and their money are soon parted. began with 3 goals:

  1. To create a digital marketing platform that is accessible and easy for anyone to use.
  2. To introduce true programmatic marketing.
  3. To make a lot of money doing it.

All 3 goals required a business model that would take me 7 years to perfect.

That business model is the “Hypromatic Business Model”.

The Hypromatic Business Model is a capital-value system.

  • Money is always at the forefront.
  • Money is spent before anything is done.
  • Money is spent before anything happens.
  • Money is always generated.
  • The company has no investors or partners and cannot be sold.
  • The company has zero debt.
  • The company comes first, not the customer or client.
  • The company can generate revenue with or without customers or clients.
  • There is no reliance on social media or email marketing which is limited to authentication purposes.
  • SEO is not needed.
  • The company is protected from any and all threats from other minds (people).
  • The company can be maintained or grow regardless of economic conditions.
  • Only revenue-generating actions are taken.
  • Automation is incorporated into every facet of business operations.
  • Artificial Intelligence runs more than 90% of business operations.
  • The business is 100% digital with no physical location or operations.
  • The business renders information services or products that provide true value.
  • True respect and accountability is maintained across all transactions or deals.

These are the characteristics of a Hypromatic Business Model.

It takes an elite mind to deliver elite performance.

The artificial intelligence in our platform provides empirically superior performance compared to the so-called artificial intelligence of conventional marketing platforms. The challenge is always open to prove otherwise.

The Hypromatic Business Model is what has allowed to become the most advanced programmatic marketing platform in the world.

To illustrate the efficacy and some of the differences of the Hypromatic Business Model, consider the following summary of our client journey.

  • To create an account at, you must download our mobile app which is available for iOS or Android.
  • We do not have an email newsletter and we do not generate leads that want free incentives.
  • Our mobile app costs $27.99 (one-time payment).
  • We only conduct business with companies or people that have accounts on our platform with absolutely no exceptions.
  • This means that revenue is generated before a person can do anything on our platform. Most people that register at ad networks spend no money or very little money.
  • We only care about the people that we can make money with because those people are able to make money with us.
  • Nobody else is considered for anything.
  • Selling our mobile app for $27.99 makes it one of the more expensive apps and a person is only going to pay for the app if they intend on spending much more than $27.99 which is required.
  • Additionally, if a person spends $20+ on a mobile app, they will most likely keep that app in their phone and use it.
  • Our mobile app provides immediate and true high value.
  • There is no autoresponse sequence after a person has created an account on our platform.
  • No time or effort is wasted on trying to convert people (minds) that seek something for nothing (free incentives).
  • There is no email list building.
  • Instead, SMS list building is used because it is more effective than email marketing and does not require 70%+ of the time, effort, or risks required for email marketing.
  • When combined with the use of mobile app push notifications, the 2 make everything else obsolete.
  • When a person creates their account an email confirmation is required for authentication.
  • The person is then contacted by a representative via a phone call or text message within 24 hours.
  • A push notification is sent within the first week to invite the person to schedule their initial consultation which is required before the person’s first ad campaigns can go live.
  • The person then has their initial consultation and moves forward based on the person’s budgets and marketing goals and that is when the reality of begins for our clients.
  • Everything can be done via the app but once a person has created an account they can log in via our website also.

This approach allows to deliver an experience that is impossible for conventional business models to provide.

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