Everything that you don’t know about SEO is being used against your business, right now in real time. Go ahead. Take a look at the keywords and phrases that you want your business to rank for in the search engines. So, how’s it looking for your business on Google, Bing, and Yahoo compared to your competition? How are your rankings?

There are a lot of business owners that believe that they don’t need SEO or that their current rankings are okay. Though that may be true for some business models, what’s true for all business models is that more SEO helps to drive more traffic, more leads, and more revenue. This means that if SEO is not a priority for your business, you are literally robbing your business of any revenue that can be generated. No intelligent business owner would rob their own business or revenue, right? Surely, you want to build your brand and grow your business. You want your business to be more successful. You don’t want to rob your business. You want your business to grow. In order for your business to grow in today’s digital environment, you must be where your competition is and is not.

If you want your business to be where others are and are not, you need Search Engine Optimization or SEO. SEO requires unique content that provides true value to your audience. With the speed of change in the digital world, a lot of things have changed and will change but the one constant that has remained unchanged, essential, and necessary is unique content that has value. If SEO is not part a strong part of your marketing plan, you need to make it a top priority like, right now. If SEO is not a top priority for your business, you’re not the only that knows that. Your strongest competition knows that also because they make SEO a top priority and they are stomping on your business with search engine rankings that you don’t have. Are you going to just sit there and let this continue to happen or are you going to do something about it? Exit stage left if you plan on continuing to lay down because you are choosing to lose. If you’re intelligent, read the next paragraph.

Moving forward, you should know that SEO is a constant operation. It’s not something that you do one time and forget about. Remember, you’re dealing with major search engines which means that you are major companies. Search Engines are not on your side. They are on their side. Don’t forget that they are businesses also, just like yours. Revenue and profit are paramount. This means that the search engines will always do what is best for their bottom line. What is best for their bottom line is content. Without content, search engines are worthless. Worthless content is not prioritized. All of that algorithm shit is designed for one purpose and that is to prioritize valuable content. Valuable content is unique and original, not copied and pasted. Therefore, an effective SEO plan begins with content that has true value. It doesn’t matter what the topic is. The search engines can literally read your blog posts and know if it is unique or original and has value for people. Think of “Dwight vs the computer” in that show called, “The Office”. If you think that you are going to trick the search engines, you’re a fkn idiot and you can quote me on that.

So, now that you know that your SEO is lacking, what do you do about it? You know that you need valuable content. Check. So, what next, right? You need to get that shit indexed in the search engines and ranked on page 1 and you want to aim for the number one spot but don’t settle for less than the number 5 spot. Anything else is not acceptable, so fk it if you think otherwise. Fk what you think. This is about what winners know. Do what the winners do. We’re winners. Want to know what we’re doing to get our content into the search engines with top rankings? Take a look at this.

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