Affiliate marketing is a great thing but most people fail at it, as with all things. Everybody is not a winner. In this article, you are going to learn something that is important for anything that you do, not just affiliate marketing.

I promise that by the end of this article, you will learn:

  • Why most affiliate marketers fail
  • Why you have not been able to reach your goals
  • The best way to get started with affiliate marketing
  • How to get free affiliate marketing coaching (live via phone)

Let’s move forward.

A lot of people approach affiliate marketing with the belief that they can go from zero to hero by following “simple” or “easy” steps that are part of a cookie cutter strategy. Others have all of the components and are trying as hard as they can but still can’t seem to “get it right” or no matter what is done, they can’t seem to make it work. Well, you’re about to find out why this is. The hump that most people can’t seem to get over is called “iteration”. Iteration is one of the primary reasons that most affiliate marketers fail because they don’t account for or consider it.

Iteration is the act of repeating a process, to generate a sequence of outcomes, with the aim of approaching a desired goal, target, or result.

Iteration requires setting KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). A KPI is an indication and measure of progress. KPIs set the standards for operation.

Most people want to go from A to B or A to Z which makes can seem to make sense until you consider all of the facts. Whether you are going from A to B or A to Z, in the middle is a series of processes and each is a step or measure of progress along the way serves as an indication that you are growing toward your next goal. Most people don’t plan strategically because if they did, they would win more often than they lose and they would account for iteration.

You’re already familiar with the negative polarity of iteration. So, let’s get familiar with the positivity of iteration. The positive aspect of iteration is in knowing that the negative components will definitely be and therefore you must think, plan, and act accordingly. A negative component is defined as anything, any person, any condition, or any obstacle that can and will prevent you from being successful in executing your plan. You must know what these things are so that you can properly identify and assess any threat to you and your plan. With affiliate marketing, the negative component categories are technical, financial, chronological, environmental, and mental. Now, let’s analyze these.

  • Technical Problems: things that you can’t do
  • Financial Problems: things that you can’t afford
  • Chronological Problems: things that you don’t have time to do
  • Environmental Problems: things that you can’t handle or mitigate
  • Mental Problems: things that you don’t know

Being able to identify the categories of problems that you will encounter on your journey to affiliate marketing success is the key to dealing with any obstacles as they come or before they come. The more you know about something, the better you should be able to deal with it. Here’s how to solve each of the categories of problems:

  • Technical Solutions: pay somebody that can do it or has it
  • Financial Solutions: get more money
  • Chronological Solutions: pay someone that is already ahead to help you
  • Environmental Solutions: deal with better people, better businesses, and improve your living conditions
  • Mental Solutions: learn correct information from “winners” and gain experience


Now, here’s the cold, hard truth…


You have to spend money on each solution.
Solving problems is an iteration.
There is no ROI or money being made with or during iteration.

Most people that get into affiliate marketing are not willing to do what is necessary to solve the problems they encounter or they are not in the position to solve their problems…but they keep going because they believe that if you put your mind to it, you can do it, and that is a flawed philosophy. How so? Well, look at the outcome. Actions and inactions speak louder than words. You can’t deposit “hard work” or “massive effort” into your bank account. People have been learning incorrect information, weak strategies, outdated methodologies, and have adopted paralogical philosophies.


Iteration with affiliate marketing includes:

  • Getting the tools that you need
  • Identifying a profitable niche
  • Finding a good offer with true value
  • Building effective funnels
  • Making effective creatives
  • Setting tracking pixels or postbacks
  • Running effective ad campaigns


Now, let’s take a look at what is really going on with affiliate marketing and what you can do to change things in your favor.


Step 1

First, you need the right tools which include:

  • A Account
  • A Account (this is the best affiliate marketing platform)
  • Web Hosting
  • Domain Names
  • WordPress Blog with Programmatic Ads from
  • Various WordPress Plugins/Extensions
  • High-Quality Blog Content Resources
  • Email Marketing System
  • Push Monetization
  • SMS Marketing System
  • OptimizePress
  • Social Media Profiles

Getting these resources established is an iteration.

There is no ROI during iteration.
There is no money being made during iteration.


Step 2

Second, you need to identify a profitable niche.
Clickbank is your resource for this.
You can use the Clickbank marketplace to find profitable niches.


Step 3

Third, you need to find a good offer that has true value.
Clickbank is your resource for this also.
Registering a Clickbank account is free.
You can have your Clickbank account ready within 10 minutes.


Step 4
Fourth, you need to build effective funnels.
This means building more than one funnel across
more than one communication medium.


Step 5
Fifth, you need effective custom banners.
A good way to stand out and apart from everyone else is to not have what everybody else has.
You can design banners yourself using for free or order a custom banner set from


Step 6
Sixth, you need to run effective ad campaigns
That is going to cost money because that is an iteration


Step 7
Seventh, you need to scale winning ad campaigns, not everything that you promote will convert.
That is going to cost money because it is an iteration.


Step 8
Eighth, you need to regain your losses, then you start to profit
It is only at step 8 do you start meeting your revenue KPIs.


Step 9
Ninth, you need to maintain or scale stable activities and campaigns that are profitable.
Money is being made during this step. The 9th step is all money.
This is when everything pays for itself.


Now, here is the kicker…


Steps 1 through 7 of the 9 are iterative and, again, there is no ROI or money being made during iteration. There is no money being made during any iteration process.

Most people expect an ROI during iteration. However, money is spent but not made during iteration and most people believe that they should be making money during steps 1 through 6. Then, they get frustrated and quit or they keep doing the wrong things in different ways. All the while, they are never considering iteration because they are unaware of it or they are not considering it.

That is why most affiliate marketers fail.

People don’t really know what to expect because they have been misinformed. If you know what to expect, you can plan for it and deal with it properly. If your expectations are false, then any plan that you make will be ineffective and your efforts will be wasted.

Now, you have an idea of what to expect because I have conveyed a realistic view of what is really going on with affiliate marketing.

So, let’s move forward with a way that you can truly succeed with affiliate marketing.

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