“The psychographic-segmentation tool employed by Cambridge Analytica extends the traditional marketing audience or voter analysis beyond simple “demographics” (age, gender, education) toward profiling based on personality traits and value-based scores. Combined with “big data” from Facebook profiles and algorithmically enhanced statistical analysis and stealth marketing tactics, this method has arguably become an enviable digital marketing secret, not least among advertising and marketing professionals.” – The Conversation

The word, “psychographic”, when combined in any statement along with the term “artificial intelligence” sparks feelings of concern for a lot of people. Most often, that lot of people are not programmers nor do they work with artificial intelligence. So, their positions and beliefs about the topics are ultracrepidarian at best.

This company, SiriusTraffic.com, operates with artificial intelligence that processes psychographic data. The campaigns on our platform each contain psychographic messaging. This company has operated and grown for the past 7 years without having a negative impact on anything or anyone. SiriusTraffic.com does not cause problems while solving our clients’ marketing problems.

Everything is different here. We have truly revolutionized all that you know about digital marketing. We are 7 years of data and progress ahead of the entire digital marketing industry. Our technology is not connected to Facebook or Google. We have our own private exchange, our base of publishers, our own methodology, and our own strategies. Our fraud protection is unparalleled and the performance our platform delivers is unmatched. We serve 100+ million unique clicks every month from around the world. Contrary to popular belief, we have the largest microniche audiences in the world in every country. The SiriusTraffic.com promise is that you will indeed pay more for less elsewhere.

These are bold claims that require greater substantiation than can be provided on one page. This is something that you must experience for yourself and the growth of your business. However, as stated before, SiriusTraffic.com is a private platform. We don’t accept or service anyone and everyone. This isn’t a public service. We are not a neutral platform. We have standards. We hold the best interests of our clients at the forefront of everything we do because that is how we have been growing. By doing what others are not able to do or are unwilling to do, we have effectively laid the groundwork for the future of the digital marketing industry and we want you to be a part of it. Chat with us now to schedule your free 15-minute phone consultation. Something like this is too good to keep to ourselves.



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