Facebook Messenger has proven to be a communications juggernaut in an extremely short amount of time. Everybody that has a Facebook account has access to Facebook Messenger on any platform. This makes Facebook Messenger the most quickly deployed communications application of its type. Facebook Messenger was placed into more people’s hands than TV, radio, print or anything else. That’s awesome and nothing short of brilliant but what does Facebook Messenger mean for your business? Keep reading and you will definitely know the answer to that question.

Facebook Messenger can effectively replace email. There’s definitely much less spam if any at all and there is true end-user control of privacy and communication settings but that’s not “it”. We’re talking about 100% deliverability and simultaneous distribution across multiple platforms. That’s the “it” and no other platform or medium can match that particular “it”. A person can receive a Facebook message from your business on their computer, tablet, smartphone, TV, smartwatch and gaming console all at the same time. Can email do that? No, it can’t….not like Facebook Messenger does. With email, there is the fact that your email marketing messages have to compete with hundreds or even thousands of other messages for your audience’s attention. With Facebook Messenger, you do not have to deal with any of that because Facebook Messenger effectively outpaces the viewability of any email message at any time.

There are other things that Facebook Messenger can do that email simply can’t compete with. Things like file sharing, actually talking to somebody or the ability to program artificially intelligent responses. You can actually setup an artificially intelligent autoresponder. Have you ever seen engagement like this with email? No, you haven’t.

Smart business owners and entrepreneurs are taking advantage of a good thing that is here to stay as long as Facebook exists. So, be honest with yourself…do you prefer Facebook Messenger or email? Which of the two do you enjoy the most? Which do you use to communicate with your friends and family the most? Are you starting to get the picture? Yes, people are more emotionally invested in Facebook Messenger than email. It is for that reason alone we know that Facebook Messenger can effectively replace email.

So, now that we have “talked the talk”, let us show you that we are also “walking the walk”. Below is a direct link to our Facebook page’s messenger. Simply sending us a message adds you to a special Facebook app that we have set up. This special Facebook app enables us to then send messages to everyone that has contacted us with 100% deliverability and unparalleled response. Yes, that is indeed awesome….very awesome. Send us a message and see for yourself what your business has been missing out on. You can also let us know if you would like for us to help you with getting a Facebook Messenger funnel set up for your business.