Programmatic Marketing is the use of heuristic genetic algorithms (artificial intelligence) to buy and sell ad space in real time. Programmatic marketing is also known as “programmatic media buying” or “programmatic advertising”. The benefit of programmatic marketing is higher ROAS. This translates to getting the best performance, in the most efficient manner possible resulting in lower costs and greater risk control of your ad campaigns. Programmatic advertising yields higher lead and sales conversions rates while making the entire process simple and easy.

Since 2012, has taken a different approach to programmatic marketing. Our technology provides a true programmatic marketing experience for advertisers and publishers that are seeking a digital marketing solution that actually works. Our programmatic ad network uses proprietary artificial intelligence to do much more than simply automate the buying and selling of ad space in real time.

Our programmatic ad technology automatically split-tests every aspect your ad campaigns. It intelligently scales the winning components of an ad campaign. Equally as important it also redacts the less lucrative components and cancels them out. Everything is automated including the accounting. Because of the true programmatic experience that our platform provides, the use of huge keyword lists has been eliminated. In a true programmatic environment, keywords are irrelevant to targeting. Consider the fact that a person searching for any keyword or phrase alone does not yield enough data to determine the scope of their interests, preferences, intent or aversions. Our true programmatic ad technology determines all of that information in fractions of a second before any ads are displayed to your target audience. Our ability to accurately profile audiences in any region of the world for profit is unmatched.

Our programmatic ad network also provides a level of click-fraud protection is unparalleled. Every visitor and all activity are audited in real time. The entire system is audited by the hour, day, week and month. This is also managed by our proprietary artificial intelligence. All security data is human verified for accuracy. It’s literally impossible for fraudulent or malicious activity to trick our technology. Any activity that does not pass audit and review is flagged and monitored as the system learns what is being done and then it adapts to cancel out any and all negative activity associated with the filtered modalities. Any ad spend that is affected by negative activity is automatically reverted back to the advertiser’s account balance. No other ad network operates like this.

Programmatic marketing here at is efficient, cost-effective, secure, and more precise than conventional digital marketing. To learn more, click on the button below to view a video that will provide you with more information about our programmatic ad network. [Learn More]

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