I’ve had a lot of people ask me why I chose “Welcome To The New Economy” as my company’s slogan. So, I’m going to explain it in this post for the many more people that also want to know. Here it goes. Brace yourself because this is going to shock you and put reality into perspective. So, forget what you think you know or believe about what the new economy is. You’re about to be quickly schooled.

The new economy is the one in which you realize that customers are never right and nobody makes or creates the things that they buy. In the new economy, you don’t have control simply because you are spending money. Everybody has money but nobody can buy anything that somebody else did not make, create, generate, or provide and therefore, the consumer, customer, or client does not get to set the rules. As a consumer, you don’t get to set any standards or policies, you can only comply with them or not. Consumers and clients don’t get to set rates and price negotiating is for the weak. Marketers run the world of the consumer or client but traffic merchants or networks like this, run the world for marketers and the new economy. Nothing moves without marketing and marketing does not move without traffic. The new economy is digital and so is the traffic that drives the marketing and success of today’s businesses along with the bulk of the money supply. The new economy is what is whipping the financial asses of people and companies that refuse to adapt to change. The new economy is driven by digital traffic, digital money, and digital information. People that don’t realize this are being left behind in a dust cloud of ignorance resulting in the failure of any business that does not get with the program. If you don’t understand, allow me to put this in a more direct perspective. If you have a business and traffic networks refuse or don’t allow you to advertise, your business will die. Do you get it now? Yes, marketing agencies and traffic networks run this world. Welcome to the new economy. Learn More

Diez Mansour-Dehghan, CEO

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