The CPM model is the pricing standard throughout the digital marketing industry. Just in case you don’t know, CPM is short for “Cost Per Mille” and that translates to the cost per 1,000 views. Media buyers are always looking for the lowest CPM rates…more bang for their buck. This is the equivalent of throwing shit at a wall to see how much of it sticks….they want traffic but seek to buy ad impressions instead. Some media buyers want to pay only a CPA and still ask for CPM rates….CPA (cost per action) is completely different from CPM. With CPA an advertiser or vendor pays only for specific actions. It’s simply not reasonable to buy traffic on a CPM basis if a CPA is being paid for. The prevailing theory that has been carrying the CPM model is to pay a low CPM in order to get the greatest amount of actual visits…..and therein is the problem.

So, ask yourself….would you rather pay for 1,000 people to see your ad or for 1,000 people to visit your promotion page or website? Okay, now read the following and see if you agree when we say that the CPM model….is basically for people that don’t know better.

The average CTR (click through rate) for the CPM model is less than 0.5%….no joke. The average CPM rate for display advertising is $2.80. Do you know what 0.5% of 1,000 is? Five. That means that the average click or visit is around $0.56. 5 clicks at $0.56 each or higher per 1,000 views. At least 30% of those clicks or visits will come from an invalid source such as a bot or web crawler. Do you see the problem? Why pay for views when you actually want visits? Why go after crumbs when you can have cake? How many are bots or crawlers generating empty ad impressions? Why should you have to pay for crap traffic or invalid clicks? Well, there is an alternative to the bullshit.

Advertisers and media buyers want performance. An impression is not performance. An actual click or real person visiting your promotion page or website is performance. The desired action being taken is performance. The CPC (cost per click) or PPC (pay per click) model is much more effective and efficient. When combined with the CPA model in a programmatic environment, the risk is decreased and predetermined by the advertiser, costs are lower and yields are higher. We have revolutionized the lead generation process.

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