When someone installs a mobile app on their phone, the app is visible at all times.  The stats show on average, people spend more than two hours a day on their mobile devices.  Though there are only a few applications that make up the bulk of the total app usage, that does not change the fact that a user has to scroll through on their phone to find the apps that they want to use.  So, no matter what…the user is still going to be scrolling past company logos….specifically, app icons.  Whether the mobile user open the app or not is irrelevant at this point. The logo and branding is always within eye shot of the mobile user. Subconsciously the mobile user is aware of that and this helps to reinforce the brand.

A mobile app creates an effective form of direct marketing for any business.  With an app you have a unique way of engaging with people that is unmatched. An mobile also provides a way  from general info about your business, your prices or rates, booking forms, loyalty cards, videos, coupons, support and almost anything else that you can think of. If you have a blog you can publish your latest blog posts into your app. One of the biggest benefits of all is that you can contact your customers directly via their mobile phones, instantly and with 100% deliverability via push notifications. Push notifications provide a direct line of contact.

Mobile apps provide added value to your customer base. There are countless businesses that run loyalty card programs that mail out snail mail coupons via the postal service.  The was the last time that you used a coupon that received in your mailbox? You can’t remember, right? How many paper or cardboard loyalty cards have you lost? Now, compare that to the number of times that you’ve lost your mobile phone. We know……you always have your mobile phone with you and so does everyone else including your customers.

With an app you can digitalize all this. You can have a loyalty card and coupons within the mobile app.  And not only that, by harnessing the power of push notifications you can send a message making people aware of this.

A push notification message to a user of your app when they enter a certain radius that will send them out a coupon to come into your store, and they’ll get 10% off; which is immensely powerful because you are marketing the people based on the location they are currently at.  And if they’re near your store, and they’re thinking about going to another store to buy something which they could buy from yours.  When they get a coupon through to their phone that makes it a very easy decision of where they want to go.

Mobile apps improve customer engagement and it does not matter what is being sold.  You could be selling floors, legal services, coffee, lunch deals at restaurants, real estate or anything. If people have a way to get the same end result without having to pick up the phone and call you, then it’s going to improve your business.  Let’s say for example, that someone wants to make a booking for a restaurant, massage or meeting.  Well, a person can simply open the app on their phone, enter in their booking info, select the date, select the time and then they can make that appointment, all without having to pick up the phone. This is a level of engagement that saves time for both the customer and the business. When your business has a new product, service or promotion, you can add them to a catalog inside of your app and then send out a push notification to inform everyone that has installed your app.  People can open the app, look at your catalog and take advantage of what is being offered. Another example is If you have a real estate business app, you can add new listings or update existing listings and then instantly notify people much faster than you can with any other marketing medium.  There are many ways that an app can be designed or used but no matter what, mobile apps provide an unparalleled level of engagement with your customers.

Having a digital or online presence can make your business stand out above any competition.  Most people that have offline businesses take a lot longer to adapt to the importance of the online world than they should and as a result their businesses suffer for it.  Smart business owners that know how important being online is are performing better than their competitors. Anyone who runs an offline business and has done so for a long time knows that they need a website.  Nearly all offline businesses need a website and those that don’t are often being sold on getting a website built. The same concept applies to mobile apps and the mobile app world is constantly growing.  So, not only do businesses need a website they also need an app because apps provide multiple direct channels for you to communicate with your customers.

Mobile apps build unmatched loyalty with your customers. When you think about how much advertising the average person must see; whether it’s TV advertising, billboards, advertising at bus shelters, digital ads or ads in their Facebook timeline, you can see that there is a lot of advertising for your business to compete with and it can be expensive.  There are also search ads, ads on websites, coupons that are posted in various places online and offline and the hundreds of emails that people receive every day, you can also see  that there’s a lot of space to compete with so when you try to advertise offline you’re going to slow. Why?Because unless you’re right on the ball, you’ll lose…..and you’ll begin to lose your impact with your current customers or possible new ones. If people have your app on their phone, you don’t need to compete with everyone else in the conventional marketing spaces because you have your own little space in people’s mobile phones which is your app.  So, you’ve got a nice little position in their pocket where you’re able to communicate with them directly at any time.  So when you’re running an offer, rather than relying on them to look at your social media fan page or visit your website to see what offers or deals you have, you can just send a push notification which will alert them. When your business has a mobile app there’s no competing with anyone. That will help to build return business and increase your revenue. The bottom line is that mobile apps can only make a positive impact for your business. Without a mobile app, you are denying growth potential for your business and helping your competition to perform better than your business. Don’t continue to hurt your business by not having a mobile app. Contact us today for a quote. Our rates start at $297 per app (iOS only). Contact us at http://siriustraffic.com/contact to request a consultation and estimate.

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